When the User Turns Dubai Phone Number?

When the user turns Dubai Phone Number the opportunity to shake out the electronic. Program list indicating the currently broadcast program. Surprise 2: shake out a new year’s card. Users may also randomly shake out a new year’s card for a friend, edit creative greetings, “send greeting cards” and send new year’s greetings to friends. Look here! Cctv spring Dubai Phone Number festival gala wechat interactive gameplay revealed surprise. Shake” the blessings of male gods and goddesses. With the live broadcast rhythm of the spring festival gala, users can get new year’s. Greetings from the stars of the live broadcast in wechat “shake”.

Program is Being Dubai Phone Number

Broadcast on tv, then her new year’s Dubai Phone Number greetings will be shaken out by users in time. This is completely synchronized with the live broadcast process of the program, and users can experience real-time cross-screen interesting interaction. Surprise 4: “shake” a family portrait. If you roll out the Dubai Phone Number interactive page of “sharing family portraits”, users can upload pictures of happy reunion with their relatives, or generate pictures to share with their circle of friends. And have a chance to appear at the spring festival gala. Surprise 5: “shake” “friends’ spring festival”. Shake it gently, and the small videos posted by friends in the circle of friends will form a “simulcast. Accompanied by singing to take you to watch the spring festival in the eyes of friends.

Out a Friend to Send Dubai Phone Number

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A red envelope blessing. Users have the Dubai Phone Number opportunity to “shake” a random friend to send red envelopes and blessings to ta. In addition, as the repertoire of the spring festival gala every year. Unforgettable tonight” will naturally not be absent. In the year of the sheep. With the cooperation with wechat this year, this classic. Old song, which was Dubai Phone Number sung 20 times on the spring festival gala, will also return in a brand-new form. Evolving from a full-court singing to a “global singing”. In addition to the spring festival gala on new year’s eve, wechat will also cooperate with the “year after year. Program to send surprises. “year after year” will be broadcast on cctv news channel from 9:00 am on the 18th.

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