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Whether such medical apps continue Anhui Mobile Phone Number List to develop paid consultation services. Or turn to drug shopping guides, they all need the support of strong doctor resources. Due to the current situation of china’s medical system. It is difficult for internet companies to mobilize doctor resources for a while. Deploying mobile Anhui Mobile Phone Number List medical care through smart wearable. Devices is another development idea. According to iresearch, the market size of wearable and portable mobile medical equipment in china. In 2012 was 420 million. It is expected that by 2017, this number will approach 5 billion. An increase of nearly 10 times. The combination of mobile medical care and smart wearable. Devices is an irreversible direction in the future.

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An important means for many Anhui Mobile Phone Number List medical e-commerce companies to gather user data. In november 2014, the people’s pharmacy announced its entry into the smart wearable industry. It is reported that the people’s group will initially cooperate with the service provider. Chunyu doctor and the digital medical and health Anhui Mobile Phone Number List terminal equipment provider “yi tikanga technology” to jointly build a smart wear zone on the online platform of the people’s pharmacy. After purchasing the yitikang terminal equipment, users can upload their health data to the chunyu doctor app. And chunyu doctor forms a data presentation platform. In the future, doctors can provide users with a series of services including health warnings. Health assessments, and suggested medication based on these data.

According to Yibang, Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

Rehabilitation home, a medical Anhui Mobile Phone Number List device retailer. Also intends to deploy smart wearable devices, hoping to gather resources from all parties to build an ecosystem together. And the internet giant bat has also set foot in this field in various forms. In 2014, baidu launched the dulife smart device platform. Which not only cooperated with Anhui Mobile Phone Number List hardware manufacturers to launch. A variety of mobile health devices, but also stored data in the cloud. In early 2015, tencent also launched its first smart blood glucose meter. Which combines traditional blood glucose meters. With wechat to help diabetics better manage blood sugar. How to effectively use data is an important bottleneck for the continued development of this model.

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