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Which is the need for greater control over Ukraine Phone Number relationship building. Purchases, payments, logistics, and customer feedback. From this, he proposed three possible directions for the development of b2b. Even so / though, is the o2o exhibition model that emphasizes offline and online marketing. The second is the online Ukraine Phone Number model that integrates platforms and enterprise erp. Even so / though, the third is b2b retail for high-margin standard products. Model. The author may not completely agree with mr. Wu jiayang’s classification of b2b platforms, but i admire mr. Wu jiayang, as an internet technology elite, for his in-depth. Understanding of b2b business links, and from the perspective of platform providers. To analyze problems and look at the development direction.

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In general, is the same. At present, the b2b platform Ukraine Phone Number has not yet met the requirements of 2b enterprises. Even so / though, why, it still needs to be analyzed from the b2b transaction value chain. B2b transaction value chain. The author tries to analyze the whole process of the transaction more carefully from. The perspective of Ukraine Phone Number traditional b-end enterprises, and discusses what kind o the first step in trading is information sharing and trust building. 2b and platform operators have different demands. Buyer b hope to see the most suitable supplier information. Even so / though, not the more the better. But a short list of high-quality suppliers), and can establish a preliminary contact and communication with customers through the platform.

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May also need technology with Ukraine Phone Number sellers communicate and learn about sellers’ products and services. Or get recommendations from industry peers and professionals through social platforms. And preliminarily screen the preferred list of suppliers. From the perspective of the buyer’s supplier management (supply relationship management), this is the Ukraine Phone Number process of supplier technology selection and business evaluation. In the case of buyers and sellers who have done transactions. Even so / though, process is part of a regular assessment of past transaction delivery, service, credit, etc. Seller b hope to show strength through the platform. To let buyers see their information or push marketing advertisements to reach target. Customers (not the more the better, but the corresponding.

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