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Who use smartphones to inquire product Nigeria Phone Number information in brick-and-mortar. Stores will purchase products through their mobile phones. It seems that the chinese are far more online. Shoppers than americans. If your marketing and retail channels are not effectively presented in the form of mobile web or app, then you will be Nigeria Phone Number forgotten or even destroyed. By this mobile commerce (m-commerce) trend. According to abi research data, by 2015, the total global mobile. Commerce revenue will exceed 163 billion us dollars, reaching 12% of global e-commerce revenue. Those with a mature mobile commerce strategy. Will get the biggest rewards, while those without a mobile commerce strategy will inevitably decline.

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Research, among users who use Nigeria Phone Number smartphones to assist shopping, 49% will no longer access the problematic mobile web or app, and 46% will choose a competitor’s mobile web or app. Smart mobile terminals will enable consumers to be online all the time, while social networking platforms and app platforms Nigeria Phone Number gradually bridge the information. Asymmetry between consumers and enterprises, making it possible to maximize consumer benefits. The biggest challenge for enterprises is how to use intelligent mobile terminals. Social networking platforms and app platforms effectively interact with consumers to help. Maximize consumer benefits.amazon’s price check app is a master here. The picture below is an infographic from deloitte digital. Which clearly shows the revolutionary impact of m-commerce on e-commerce in the era of smart mobile terminals.

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Nigeria Phone Number

Smart mobile terminals that can access. The internet has Nigeria Phone Number exceeded the number of pcs in 2014. So the main battlefield of e-commerce will inevitably shift to smart mobile terminals. When companies rush to launch m-commerce measures. They must figure out how to use their own advantages to help maximize Nigeria Phone Number consumer benefits. And then how to perfectly present the solution on smart mobile terminals, social networking platforms and app platforms. Starbucks, for example, launched a customer loyalty. Rewards program last year, where customers can use the foursquare. App to check-in and earn points in exchange for prizes. When visiting a coffee shop. In addition to improving customer loyalty, this initiative also enables. Starbucks to interact with customers on social platforms and in physical stores at the same time.

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