Why and How Giving More Will Make You Rich the Go-giver

Companies take more than they give. They try to overcharge their services withhold pay raises. When employees deserve them, and question employee suggestions. But all these selfish refusals do a lot of damage. In fact, it doesn’t just do damage, it completely destroys your reputation and destroys your future business. Singapore Phone Number List The alternative gives much more positive results. Namely, giving more than you take increases the value of your business and your self-esteem. You do not believe me ? Think about the people you admire. I’m willing to bet these are people who give more than they take – they give away Singapore Phone Number List free products and offer free advice to budding entrepreneurs.

They get together over coffee to cheer on

They get together over coffee to cheer on. A friend and put work aside to spend time with family. Why do you admire this person? Because they are generous. Singapore Phone Number And this generosity increases their value to you. The go-giver quote: “Your true worth is determined by how much more value you give than you receive in payment.” 2) the law of compensation what if you could determine your own income? What if you, and no one else, made that decision? Would you be excited? If you’re like me, the prospect of determining your income is akin to living in hawaii, working remotely, and living mostly surfing and hanging out with the locals. Singapore Phone Number List Well, you determine your income.

In fact determining your income is remarkably simple

In fact determining your income is remarkably simple. There are only two levers that have the power to increase or decrease your profitability. The first is the value you provide. Offer more value and your revenue increases. Singapore Phone Number List Provide less and it plummets. The second is the number of people you are providing this value for. More people means higher income. Less means lower income. It’s that simple. If you don’t believe me, start testing it for yourself. Deliver more value to more people and see what happens. The go-giver quote: “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how you serve them.” 3) the law of influence have you ever wanted to have a greater influence in the lives of others? Singapore Phone Number List Who am I kidding.

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