Why Facebook Doesn’t Bring Results to Your Business

If you are trying to promote your business through a personal Facebook profile, I recommend that you stop. People don’t want to add a hostel or a restaurant as friends. Book the profile for your personal activities, and for your business, create a Facebook page. It’s extremely Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number easy to do, with just a few push of a button. It’s free and will help you gain more visibility than a profile. On the other hand, if your business is already present on Facebook through an unofficial page (created automatically). It necessary to take it over and link it to the page you are creating now. Do this to avoid confusing your “fans” (those who appreciate your business or are looking for it online). To understand if there is that unofficial page,

You Don’t the Right Audience

When it comes to business, numbers the best friend of your business. With this in mind, many people refer to the number of likes of a page as a success or failure. But, in my opinion, and not only mine.  The value of a business is not measured in the number of likes, but in their quality. In other words, it’s better to fewer, but more devoted, fans than to have many fans who only know you as “another Facebook page I liked.” Always choose the quality of the fans based on their quantity. But other than that, it’s important to choose the right fans. If you have a product that appeals to women (for example, a fashion product). Do not try to attract men to your business because they are not interested in the product.

Do Not Analyze the Results

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number

Another reason why Facebook may not bring you the results you want is because you don’t analyze the results you get. If you make certain types of posts because “that’s what everyone does”, “that’s what the rule says” or “that’s what I want”, without analyzing what impact they have, you have a high chance of failure. Track the performance of your posts in Insights data (page stats) and see what works and what doesn’t. Also from there you can find out what are the best times to post, depending on when your fans are active and many other relevant dates.

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