Why Is My Real Estate Website Not Appearing in Google

The video is from module 1 of 6 of our premium. 3 leads a day training where we dive into the basics of seo for those new to seo. So we decided to remove this video from the course (just $99 for over 40 amazing ppc, seo, and youtube marketing Jordan Phone Number List training videos) so it can be a resource for everyone. See how google works: an investor’s guide to seo basically, follow the steps I show in the video to check and see if your website is indexed first by google…if it is, then your work to climb the seo rankings has begun! If not, follow the steps in the video to let google know your website exists by doing a quick google+ post that lets people Jordan Phone Number List know about your new site and links to it and find other ways to get.

A link to your new website online so that

A link to your new website online so that. Google can find the link and crawl your website. We also suggest that you create a free google Jordan Phone Number webmaster tools account and submit your sitemap to google so that it is much easier for google to always know when you have new content published on your website. Give it a few days or a week and do the test above, again, on your real estate website and if it still doesn’t show up on the first pages of google for your business name and location , it may not be indexed yet. But chances are that Jordan Phone Number List unless you have penalties on your domain name for creating spammy backlinks.

You just need to give it a little more time

You just need to give it a little more time. Not ranking on the first pages of google for your ideal. Keywords now jordan phone number list getting. Indexed in google meaning google has registered your site in their database. And ranking high for the specific keywords you want to. Search for are two completely different things. If you show up using the test above but not for the keywords. You are looking to rank for. Now is the time to optimize your website for the. Specific keywords you want to rank for . You can use some of the free resources. We’ve already created to help you get your. Jordan phone number list website to rank higher in google.

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