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Will ask a question, how can they Italy Phone Number spread their brand influence. More widely with the least amount of money, or even without spending money? I think the following cases can give entrepreneurs a lot of inspiration. At least they can provide some ideas in choosing the direction of marketing. So that the brand influence Italy Phone Number operation of o2o enterprises can be targeted. 1. Come up with an evocative name specific case: call a duck. An important reason why the takeaway o2o brand “call a duck. Became popular in 2014 is that it has a good name that makes everyone imagine. Some people have analyzed that there are four major reasons. And the profound meaning of the name occupies the first place: 1. The name has the color of communication.

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Published, there must a large Italy Phone Number share of “call a duck” female clients. Therefore, for o2o entrepreneurs, a good name the first lesson in marketing. In the most primitive sense, the brand the influence brought by the product name, so the name related to the life and death of the o2o enterprise brand. Fully disseminated Italy Phone Number through important channels specific case: auntie gang and 360 cleanup master. Any method that is seen by users should be regarded as a communication channel, so the author thinks that there is no fixed mode for the communication method of o2o. Including the good names mentioned above. And the products and services themselves. That will be involved below are all marketing.

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Instead of you interviewed by cctv, completes Italy Phone Number the value of communication. In this regard, the author will describe in detail later. Here is just one more surprising example. As an o2o product, auntie gang’s main solution is on the mobile terminal. So how can you increase your brand and app downloads? This is not to create a topic, you can complete the kpi assessment by brushing your sense of presence. Previously, auntie gang Italy Phone Number launched a 5 million red envelope campaign, throwing out coupons such as cleaning coupons, dry cleaning coupons and maintenance coupons, which mainly distributed on the big channel 360. Orders increased by 6.31 times year-on-year, app downloads increased by 4.78 times year-on-year, and product activity increased by 307% year-on-year.

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