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Will have a strong chemical reaction in the South Korea Phone Number the two sides have opened up uber’s global account system, realized the connection of big data, and cooperated with artificial intelligence. And big data to provide users with more personalized services. It is not difficult to see that baidu’s investment and mergers and acquisitions are South Korea Phone Number closely focused on three aspects: strengthening core business. Prospering the internet ecosystem and laying out the future. Judging from the history of baidu’s investment and mergers and acquisitions. The number of baidu’s small-cap investments exceeds 80%. This open and flexible investment strategy. Will benefit more and more partners. On the other hand, looking at the investments of alibaba and tencent in kuidi and didi. It is not difficult to find the focus of each strategy.

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In fact, is large, alibaba and tencent initially South Korea Phone Number valued the role of taxi-hailing. Software in promoting their payment business. Kuaidi used to be a tool in the payment war between ali and tencent. Fortunately, it is almost free now, and finally has the opportunity to pursue its own ideals. Most of alibaba’s investments are South Korea Phone Number suspected of being a big pie. They are involved in retail, logistics, finance, education, real estate, and culture. But they rarely see investment cases that perfectly match their main business. In the past two years, tencent has also figured out that it needs to connect and no longer make copies. So it will cooperate with and dianping. If a competitor is invested by tencent. It is a very scary thing for a company, because tencent.

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Criticized for being “not open”, will spare no effort to favor one over the other. Of course, there are still valid excuses. After all, bat’s investment strategy in the past South Korea Phone Number was a bit of a slapstick, but now it’s changing. The merger of kuaidi and baidu’s investment in uber show bat’s new investment strategy in the era of mobile internet. With the merger of kuaidi and the challenge with uber, the competition of bat has entered a new stage. My work at greylock parners has given me the opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs and help them plan their promotional marketing strategies. I’ve found that, regardless South Korea Phone Number of industry, the best storytellers recruit the best talent, acquire long-term customers, and build lasting brands.

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