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With the cross border USA Phone Number into the tv field. The profit direction of smart tv is no longer purely. Hardware profit, and more intelligent products have more diversified profit directions. 1. Advertising mode. Internet-connected smart tvs provide USA Phone Number an excellent advertising push platform. And the advertisements for more than half a minute when some products are turned on are really shocking. Compared with traditional tv advertisements. Tv manufacturers have the right to push advertisements, but the model is so simple and crude. It can said that advertising is a mode of profit. But there is still a lack of push methods.

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A smart tv without content is just a player. For tv USA Phone Number manufacturers, instead of supplementing content by installing video apps, it is better to have in-depth cooperation with video websites. The success of leeco and xiaomi’s investment in video sites set a precedent for smart tvs to charge for content. It is foreseeable USA Phone Number that paid-to-view content will become one of the profitable models for smart tvs. 3. E-commerce model. Many smart tvs pre-installed with a shopping mall software, which divided into two forms: self-operated by manufacturers and cooperation with e-commerce platforms. However, smart tvs are obviously not enough to induce users to develop the habit of new tv shopping.

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Wysiwyg advertising format in videos. If this USA Phone Number technology can effectively be combined with the smart tv shopping platform, it would a good model. In the current way of life, tv is still a part of our life. Smart tvs are gaining momentum, but they also mixed with too many business opportunities and vested interests. I hope it can USA Phone Number make our lives better and better. Entrepreneurship has become a new era of going up the mountain and going to the countryside”. There are environmental reasons for this. Many institutions, including investment institutions and the media, are encouraging everyone to start a business, as if their life will be more complete after starting a business.

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