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For a good survey tool, check out Google Forms Tunisia Phone Number List Anyplace or Typeform Another great way to get constant feedback is to set up a live poll on your blog. You can do this with Hajar or Qualaroo . It might look like this: Qualaroo example Image Source Finally, another fun way to gather ongoing Tunisia Phone Number List feedback is through email marketing prompt feedback. In your drip sequence, use one of the emails to ask people to respond. Ask questions like “Why did you sign up?” Or “Any topic you’d like us to write about?” Oh, make sure you actually read and reply to them!

Ideas for Your Personal Blog and Email List

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This example is a famous example of product Tunisia Phone Number List you can also see how it works with a blog (just change the question to “Why did you sign up for our email list?” or “What topic do you want us to discuss? cover?”) you are inside Image Source How to Get Blog Readers: Choosing Your Channels We’ve now covered a lot about how to choose a theme. Now, we’ll cover which channels to use to distribute Tunisia Phone Number List your content and get the most attention on your blog. Of course, the way you choose topics and the way you choose channels are related, but here we’ll cover specific strategies for SEO, social, and email marketing.

When Publishing a Piece

The Basics and Beyond What would lead a blogger to Tunisia Phone Number List choose SEO as a channel of attention? On the one hand, you get predictable and consistent results. There will be no traffic “peaks” disappearing. HubSpot calls these posts “composite,” and they drive six times the traffic of non-compound posts: Compound 2 Image Source Nat Eliason explains it this way (also from his Indie Hackers Tunisia Phone Number List you have a non-SEO blog, you have to work hard to get traffic to every article and every old article. But if you have a blog that’s focused on SEO, the articles you rank for just keep getting traffic, Basically forever, until someone makes a better blog.

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