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Harnessing the Account Targeting feature. Enabling you to show ads to clients of your choosing. What are the benefits of account-based marketing? The primary benefit of using account-based marketing is that it allows you to exercise more personalization in your advertising efforts. Personalization is an incredible tool for driving conversions. With personalization. You can speak directly to your target companies’ pain points and needs. Making them far more likely to listen.

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Targeting multiple decision-makers within each company. That personalization is crucial. Additionally. ABM lets you invest more time and effort into Ghana Phone Numbers campaigns. Leading to significantly better results. Think about it — the more businesses you’re trying to market to. The more divided your efforts are. And the thinner you’ll be stretched.

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Focus on a select group of clients and market to them. You can concentrate your efforts and develop more effective campaigns. How to use Account Targeting You might wonder how you can start with Account Targeting. Thankfully. It’s not a difficult process. If you’ve already used advertising features. You’ll be happy to hear that Account Targeting works the same way — by showing paid ads to your audience. You’ll start by creating an ad campaign as you would any other. But rather than refining your target audience to a location or a set of demographics.

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