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You can find her on Twitter at or on LinkedIn. Mel Hattie Fordable Netherlands Phone Number List start blogging and writing? What is your origin story? I started blogging on Tumblr! It was the spring of 2012, and I did a semester abroad during my undergraduate studies in Japan. I started posting photos and stories that made me laugh abroad and I wanted to share with people at home. That’s when I realized the power of online communities and the things you can do to put yourself in them and talk about the things you care about. A few years after Netherlands Phone Number List blogging, but the focus has shifted to tea, travel, and writing. In 2015, I moved everything to WordPress, bought, and the rest is history.

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Do you think it’s important for Netherlands Phone Number List to choose a specific niche? If so, what are the main benefits of doing this? As a freelance writer, if you’re going to make a living out of it, your professional and financial life will be a lot less painful if you pick a niche and work your way down. Niche expertise and expertise means you can charge more because you actually know what you’re talking about and can talk to writers with authority you don’t have when jumping from one topic to another. Your brain will also feel more Netherlands Phone Number List having to run around. Once you have your niche, grab it and build it into your damn fortress. because it is.

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Every article you write, every interview you Netherlands Phone Number List you spend time doing feels like a brick in your niche castle. Now, forgive me, I have to go back and fill my moat with alligators. How did you get into tea and tourism? I’ve been fortunate enough to pursue many travel opportunities in my life and make it my priority. None of these things happened by accident, right? I’ve always enjoyed travel literature and travel itself. So I purposely know a lot about travel so that I can write in a way that Netherlands Phone Number List who are interested in doing travel. Canvas This graphic design tool is loved by bloggers because of its usefulness and greatness.

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