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Trello Trello is my favorite workflow Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List management system. It’s basically just a simple Kanban board – you can set up different columns, and you can move tasks from one discrete stage to another. But it’s also easy to collaborate and share access with others, and a great place to set up ideas, lists, notes, and more. Most people I know use Trello. Their calendar feature also makes it easy to Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List use it as an editorial calendar . 26. Air meter Airtable is a bit like a mix of spreadsheets and Trello, but with a prettier interface. It’s ultimately super customizable, which can be intimidating. Trello is simple. But you have to work hard to make Airtable work for you. However, once you do, it becomes addicting.

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Luckily, an entire section of their website is dedicated Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List to templates and examples that you can use as inspiration. CoSchedule CoSchedule is another very popular editorial calendar and content marketing workflow tool. It’s unique in that it’s entirely dedicated to content marketers, while Trello and Airtable are used by a variety of professionals, including those in Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List engineering. 28. Carpets Kaput is also a content marketing specific platform. It’s more powerful than the others, but can be a pain to get started and set up. Its use seems to be more enterprise-oriented. 29. Excel/Google Sheets You can always use the tried and true method: spreadsheets.

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I’m not going to lie, I still do a lot of content planning on Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List my ideation and SEO research. I often start it on Excel (where I like to work), take it to Google Sheets to share with others, and then manipulate it in something like Trello. But spreadsheets are surprisingly comforting for planning, so don’t be ashamed of using it. 30. WordPress Editorial Calendar There are WordPress Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List plugins that allow you to build an editorial calendar. This is one of them . It’s a good thing to use if you want to work entirely in WordPress and are against using external tools. Otherwise, I find tools like Trello and CoSchedule better for maintaining calendars, especially if you need a lot of collaboration.

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