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Essentially what you’re doing is over-promising and Norway WhatsApp Number List over-delivering. Set deadlines that you think are aggressive but still doable. In this way, you will be under constant pressure and simply cannot procrastinate due to obligations. This is a technique championed by Ryan Holiday, who is very prolific. like he said: “I find that my output depends almost entirely on my level of Norway WhatsApp Number List commitment (internal or external). Think of it as inverse Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law states that a task will take your budgeted time. In this version I’m assuming If you have regular, long-term commitments that you feel bad about breaking, you’ll write more, make, do, and deliver more.

The Competition the Beauty of Search

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This strategy comes in many forms Norway WhatsApp Number List and names. Usually, it has to do with the “burn your ship” approach or the “dead land strategy” where you have your back against a wall so you need to fight for victory (with no choice): 33 Strategies of Deadline Strategy Image Source Or, as Sun Tzu puts it in the art of war : “When warriors are in danger, they are fearless. When there is no way to go, they Norway WhatsApp Number List are determined, and when they are deeply involved, they hold on. If there is no choice, they will fight.” In this approach, you have no choice but to write and push out high-quality content quickly.

Understanding the Importance

Prepare like a chef (cooking will be easier) A really good outline Norway WhatsApp Number List can save you hours days. Months depending on the scope of your project of repetitive rewriting and headaches. While there are times when a conscious writing flow can be beneficial if you’re. Putting Norway WhatsApp Number List together an essay it often helps to build an outline first. Ryan Holiday offers this anecdote as proof : “A writer friend told me recently that he wrote 115,000 words for what he was writing; a book that was only 60,000 words on contract. Worse, he’s only now really getting the gist of the book.

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