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If you’ve written Lithuania WhatsApp Number List don’t need extra help. But if you’re a rambler, I say give it a try. 20. Grammar Grammarly is one of those apps that I never used until recently, but now, I don’t know how I would live without it. This is a spell check for the Chrome browser. Give it a try; you’ll be surprised how many mistakes it saves you. 21. Google Docs spell check Otherwise, you can just use Google Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Docs spell check. To set up spell checking in Google Docs. This will bring up your tried and true native spell checker: Voila! Before uploading your draft to WordPress , you might as well put this on your to-do list. 22. SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant After a while, you get a certain feel for SEO copywriting at your fingertips. Until then, use an extension like SEMRush’s SEO.

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Writing Assistant to make sure you’re doing this. It Lithuania WhatsApp Number List works with Google Docs, so you can maximize the SEO benefits of your content while you’re actually writing it—not just after it’s live. 23. Yoast for WordPress Yoast is a classic SEO plugin for WordPress. It can help you plan keywords and ensure your content is optimized to help you rank for said terms. If you plan to get any traffic from Lithuania WhatsApp Number List SEO (which you should) and you use WordPress, it is highly recommended. Content Workflow Tools The more you write, the harder it is to manage the process. Add guest writers and/or an in-house team of writers, well, you definitely need a system to manage everything. There are many great solutions for content workflow tools.

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Gomella’s Genius is a great choice for teams who use Gmail and Lithuania WhatsApp Number List want to turn their inbox into a collaborative powerhouse. You can create shared inboxes and labels to easily organize and delegate all content requests via email, assign them to your favorite Lithuania WhatsApp Number List workloads by creating Kanban boards and use their workflow automation so you have more Dedicate more time to writing. Another benefit if you’re a Trello lover is their two-way integration with the Trello app. It gives you the option to reply to an email in a Trello board or create a board in an email.

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