How to create a product catalog: 5 Practical Tips

In the online world, can it still make sense to create a paper. Product catalog the answer is undoubtedly yes but there are some necessary clarifications to be made. If until a few years ago, presenting a very normal catalog could have been enough, today you need to do something more, to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It is no longer enough to lay out a slew of products and put them on display. Now it is necessary to enter the mind and heart of those who browse that catalog. This is why today we want to help you create an effective product catalog. Intended for the right people, and that it doesnt go by the wayside five minutes after being browsed. Lets begin contents hide 1 definition of the target 2 structure.


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Structure of the contents 3 graphics 3.1 photos colors of the background remove service catalog 4 description of products 5 creation and print definition of the target an argument on paper that is trivial but which in practice makes many catalogs and more generally marketing products fail. If your answer is “but I want to reach as many people as possible” then we have a problem. This is in fact one of the mistakes that is made more frequently. Thinking of creating a marketing product, be it a catalog or a company brochure , a poster for an event or a brochure , capable of addressing everyone is unthinkable. Understanding who the catalog is intended for is a fundamental aspect. Its structure and copy will change according to the target.

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It would not make sense to dare a youthful , brazen USB Directory and innovative communication if your product catalog is intended for a more traditional audience . In this case, not only would you find it difficult to attract the customers attention, but you also risk. Generating an opposite effect. Structure having overcome the target obstacle, now is the time to think about what structure to give to your product catalog. When we talk about structure we mean both the material part and the content part. The standard dimensions used for a company catalog are those of an a4 sheet 21 × 29.7cm, but. You can also think of making it on a6 sheets 10.5 × 14.8cm. On 4graph it is also possible to request a catalog with customized dimensions.

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